Ann O. McKibbins is the second youngest of six siblings. Her father passed away when she was only two years old. Being reared by a single parent was not a fulfilled life. In spite of her deprived – yet sheltered childhood filled with much anxiety…lots of love was bestowed by her mother and the fear of God was instilled in her. She graduated from high school as the Salutatorian of her class. She received a four year academic scholarship to Morris Brown College whereby she earned a Bachelor of Science degree with honors. She furthered her studies at the Atlanta University Center.

Ann O. McKibbins served as an outstanding educator in the Gwinnett County public school system where she retired with 32 years of teaching experience. She was the first African American middle school teacher in Gwinnett County. In the mid and late sixties, working in a predominantly white county was not an easy task; but she became a pioneer in the integration of public schools and became a role model for many young minority educational professionals. Her love for children and her life long dedication toward the complete education of students endeared her to educational community. Her caring spirit and her leadership abilities contributed immensely to the desegregation of the Gwinnett County public schools. Ann has been noted and honored by the Gwinnett Daily Post for her instrumental role as a pioneer in the Gwinnett public school system racial integration process.

During the latter years of her teaching career, the League of Women Voters celebrated their 75th anniversary of the ratification of the nineteenth amendment in addition to the founding of the League of Women Voters (USA). During this celebration, 75 women were nominated; Ann was among the top 10 recipients of the Exceptional Women Leaders "Jewel Award."

Throughout her young life of disappointments, little did Ann know that the Lord was allowing these heartaches only to prepare her to now walk into her purpose of empowerment and destiny; He has given her a testimony that now serves to uplift, edify and assist in the inner healing of other hurting women.

Currently, Ann O. McKibbins is the Pastor and Founder of Tabernacle of Refuge Ministries, Inc. located at 6954 Braswell Street, Lithonia, Ga, 30058. She is a profound and prolific teacher of the Word as well as an engaging seminar speaker.

Pastor McKibbins is the mother of two successful adult children. Her son Timothy is happily married with two sons. He is a businessman, organist and an ordained Pastor. Her daughter Jawana is happily married with two children (a girl and a boy). She is a public school teacher, church youth Minister and Minister of music.

Pastor McKibbins attended the American Chaplaincy Training School conducted at Beulah Heights Bible College and successfully completed the basic course in Correctional Ministries receiving credits from Taylor University at Fort Wayne, IN. In addition, she served for a number of years on the Prison Ministry team at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Ga.

The Lord has given her a special gift of ministry for hurting and despondent women. She is also used in personal ministry of young people. She loves the Lord and attributes her overall success to Putting Christ First and Foremost in her life through her spiritual maturity, perfecting praise, personal commitment and a special love for God's people.

Pastor McKibbins firmly believes in what she teaches…..That men who are bound shall be free….that women who are in despair shall have hope…that boys and girls with what seems to have future shall be saved… and that there is a life with God available to all who desire it.

Pastor Ann O. McKibbins lives TOTALLY committed to Christ!