This ministry is a fellowship where the men of Tabernacle of Refuge connect in love, strength and unity. The primary goal is to become role models in the lives of other men who are in need.


The mission of the Men's Fellowship Ministry is: 

FILLING - Encourage men to read and study the Bible. 

PRACTICING - teach men how to apply God's Word to all areas of their lives for the purpose of consistency and obedience to God's Word. 

UNITING - Make it a priority to connect with other men for the purpose of community, accountability, support and encouragement. 

SURVIVING - Teach men how to cope with major life temptations and/or crisis from a biblical perspective. 

REACHING - Get men involved in some form of men's ministry based on their individual gifts and talents.

IMPACTING - Invest time and resources into the lives of other men through shared activities and spiritual mentoring. 

SHARING - Teach men to actively share their faith in order to lead others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.